Things I’ve Learnt Working For a Small Business

It’s no secret that I adore my job, and a large part of why I love it is that I’m consistently met with challenges I have to figure out and overcome. It definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone at times, but I’ve learnt more in a year and a half of working here than I think I might have in my entire life, so here’s just some of it!

Trust No One

Okay, it doesn’t apply as much to me as it does Fox Mulder, but it absolutely still applies. Whatever someone tells you or promises or implies, you need to have a back up plan of what to do when it all goes wrong, and always see it as when, not if. Sure, they’re probably lovely and telling the truth about whatever, and I may very well believe them, but the second I trust them is when things will fall apart.

Professionalism varies

Just because someone shows up in a suit with a good talk, doesn’t mean they’re professional, or that they know anything. Someone might show up in trackies and a t shirt and be ten times more professional in how they act. Professionalism varies with the profession, and everyone should be taken on how they carry and present themselves, and the work they can do, rather than how proffesional they can appear.

Need to know basis

I’ve always been a ‘just in case you need to know’ person, and that had change very quickly. Unless someone actuary really does need to know, there is no need to tell them. This applies to Big things, but also tiny none important things. Having people only know what they need to means everyone does what they need to, and things work a lot better.

Everyone is a friend

It’s just a fact of business, though admittedly not one I enjoy, but you need to treat everyone like a friend. Not in the way that you should get super close to them, but that level of kindness needs to be shown, with a covering of proffesionalism. I dislike it because it makes me feel like I’m being fake, but it’s not really, it just doing a job!

You reap what you sow

You get out of a small business what you put in. I’ve put in a lot of my time and effort, which translates to my boss trusting me with more and more responsibilities. The more time I put into certain aspects, the more I see those areas improve, and that’s by far my favourite part of working for a small business. There’s a direct effort follwed by reward.

There’s a million more tiny things I’ve learnt, or more accurately been taught by my boss, but I don’t want to reveal all our secrets!


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