Things I Want to Paint!

There are SO many things I want to paint and draw, entire Pinterest inspiration boards in fact, but guess what?! I procrastinate on it! What if its not good enough? Obviously the only cause of action is to write a blog post about the things I want to paint so I feel accountability to force me into actually painting it!


I’ve never progressed from puffy white clouds, but I looove looking at clouds, and I’ve been thinking I want to paint a whole big canvas to look like clouds and the sky. I took some pictures of amazing clouds on my way home from work the other day, so I no longer have the excuse of not having a good enough reference picture, so maybe you’ll see me doing this soon!


As someone who has frequented Liverpools art galleries quite a lot, I feel like cats must be super hard to paint? I’ve seen far too many reneisance cats with human eyes, mouths, or more to think they’re easy, but with my own cat being so cute, of course I want to be able to have their portraits around the house! I’m thinking I want this to be a whole project and for each cat to have their own painting, but I’m yet to actually attempt painting a cat, so we’ll have to see how that goes!


I’m a big fan of Polaroid and other vintage forms of instant photography, because of how spur of the moment and unedited they are. Linda McCartneys photographs especially inspire me, and I so enjoy looking at them, at some point id really like to get some of those mini canvases and paint some of her Polaroids for my own little display.

Graffiti/Spray Paint

I’ve worked with spray paint exactly once, when I spray painted my name on a wall when I was about 16, but I’d really like to get a bit more into that type of art. I’m way too much of an anxious wimp to ever go out and actually do any street art, but I definitely want to experiment with some of the styles and techniques, stencils and spray paints especially!

Fingers crossed putting this out gives me some motivation, maybe you’ll see me trying some of this out soon!



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