Linda McCartney Retrospective at the Walker Gallery Liverpool

I’ve been a massive Beatles fan since I was about 13, and Linda was always my favourite of the wives. It almost annoys me that she’s one of the ‘Beatle Wives’, because she was so much more than that and deserves to be known for her own right, but that goes for most women married to famous or well known men.

When the Linda McCartney Retrospective rocked up in Liverpool, there was no way in hell I wasn’t going to go, and luckily I’m almost a real writer of some sort it would appear, because I managed to get a press pass for it! You can read my proper ‘professional’ review here, but this one is going to be a bit rambly and, honestly, more about ME!

Linda’s photos are incredible, simply put. She has such a variety in her work and I feel like it’s a great visual representation of how we all have very different facets of our lives. To think the same person photographed people like Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa, but also their daughter and husband just hanging out at a farm puts a great distinction between different parts of life.

I found this exhibit mad inspiring. Seeing exhibitions or shows or anything else of things by women always inspire me a little extra, because it feels a little more achievable, and I also feel kinda proud of them. Linda’s pictures are especially inspiring though, for me, because so many of them are imperfect.

It’s things like taking pictures out of car windows, or having the shot partially obscured by something, and even just taking pictures of things like the Christmas tree clearly decorated by the kids, it’s such a wholesome visual, not only of the life Linda lead, but the lives most of us lead.

Okay, maybe not many of us can relate to hanging out with Janis Joplin, or getting pictures of the Beatles recording the white album, but how many of us can instead relate to having a job that feels totally distant from our family lives, and meshing the two together?

I just felt like the retrospective is a great way to see some amazing photos, learn more about Linda, and see that all of us have some similarities as people, no matter how different we are. I stood looking at my favourite picture in the exhibit with an old man stood next to me, looking at it in the same way, and honestly how often do two people with a 40+ year age difference show interest in the same piece of art?

If you’re able to go see this, do it!



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