Autumn Goals!

Somehow over the last year, I’ve managed to put my life together! Its brilliant, and I’m mad proud of myself, but having more to do and more responsibilities also means I have to be a lot more organised, and that’s where this blog post comes in. I have quite a lot I want to do over the next couple of months, and I know I’m not going to get around to anything unless it’s written down somewhere!

Release Music

I have a few songs mostly finished, a few I’m super excited to record, and a couple that I want to take in an acoustic direction, and I’ve decided it’s now or never. I want to have them all finished and ready for release by Christmas, and I don’t have a plan of when, where, or how any of it’ll be released, its gonna happen!

Participate in Nanowrimo

Ive always loved writing, and although I have technically written a book before, it’s something I want to do again, with the plan of actually going hard on it and trying to get it published. I have a plot that I love, and I’m rearing to go! Who knows if I’ll ever manage to actually publish it, be it self published or traditionally, but I want to at least have a final product that I’m proud of.

Continue with Therapy.

I hate phones and video chats and all that, way more than I dislike face to face communication, and thats been a challenge with getting therapy during a pandemic. I’ve been able to deal with it this far, as anxious as it makes me, and I want to get all the way through without chickening out or ghosting my therapist. I like her a lot, trust her, and am already feeling benefits from therapy, so I think I should be good, but it’s a goal all the same.

Get back to art

Lockdown saw me flourish artistically, I always loved painting and drawing, but it was during lockdown that I really focused on it and saw myself improving. With being back in work a lot, plus everything else that life consists of, I’ve fallen away from it a bit, and I need to get back to it! I love it, and it’s a great outlet, and it’s fun! Why am I not doing it?!

Keep the energy at work

It’s no secret I adore my job, so my final goal is to keep up my energy there. We have a bunch of targets to meet and I fully intend to go above and beyond on every one of them. I want to see Videodyssey absolutely thrive, and that means I need to help make it thrive. This obviously isn’t all on me, but my boss is brilliant so I have high hopes that we’ll absolutely knock it out the ball park.

Do you have any new goals, or continuation goals like mine, now that we’re reaching the final leg of this year? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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