Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble – Magical Poems Book Review

I know I’m 23 years old and this book is realistically meant for children, but I wanted some autumnal spooky reading material too, and why should the kids get to have it all?!

As always, I was very kindly sent this book for free with the purpose of posting a review, but all opinions are my own! Make sure you check out the others on this lil tour too, the posts I’ve already read have been great!

Now let’s get into the review, because I love this little book! The poems have all been chosen by Paul Cookson, and he did a fantastic job. A few of them were definitely for a younger demographic than I fall into, but many of them were hugely enjoyable to read regardless, and with poems from the likes of Shakespeare and Lewis Carol thrown in, it’s a great collection of poems for any age.

The illustrations, by Eilidh Muldoon were equally fantastic. They’re quite cartoon-y, rustic illustrations, they actually remind me a lot of Hilda for anyone that remember me reviewing that book, and they fit perfectly with the theme. Plenty of witches, stars, and cutesy spiders, they’re lovely to look at, and they definitely give some spooky but cute Halloween vibes.

I mean, even the cover is just gorgeous and perfectly on theme! The great thing about poetry collections is that you can just read a couple at a time, so although I read through this quickly to be able to review, I’m definitely going to go through again reading just a couple at a time, to keep these fall vibes going!

If you can’t tell, I loved this collection, and I highly recommend picking it up for yourself. Its fun, super cute, and the best, least scary kind of spooky!



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