How To Get Out of A Rut!

You may have noticed my blogs been a little quiet over the last few weeks, and it’s because I’ve been in a bit of a rut. I’ve been sad, anxious, unmotivated and tired. I’m just now getting out of it, and I wanted to share how I do that!


It’s hard to find the motivation to do it, but feeling like crap in a clean space is better than feeling like crap in a messy space. Tidy you room, do the dishes, put a load of washing on. Even something tiny like making the bed or hoovering can be a great start to feeling just a little better.

Self Care!

Have a lovely long shower or bath, wash your hair, paint your nails. If you feel better about yourself, that’s one step to feeling better in general. You can go all out for a pampering session if that’s going to make you feel better, but even a tiny step like showering is still a step.


The whole world seems to revolve around being productive now, and for me that’s where a lot of my stress comes from, so I highly recommend finding fun hobbies that feel productive. I’ve been working on music for the last few days, and feeling productive in that area helps me feel able to do other things that aren’t as fun. Drawing, writing, crafting, cooking, just find something you enjoy that gives you some kind of end product to feel happy with.

Be Kind!

Its so easy to mentally shit talk yourself and make yourself feel worse, when really showing yourself a little kindness goes a long way. Sometimes you do just need a Netflix binge and some chocolate, and you should have that without being mad at yourself. This goes the same way for the dishes that haven’t been done or the floor that hasn’t been mopped, be kind to yourself and you’ll likely get round to it much faster.


I know everyone goes on about exercise, but it really does help! Go for a run or do some yoga, or if you’re not the type of person to do that, put on some of your favourite songs and dance around the house! It doesn’t have to be boring or tiring, just move and try to enjoy it!

These are of course just what I do personally, so shake it up and alter it to be something that can help you! If you cant or don’t want to exercise, maybe call a friend! If your space is already tidy and clean, take some time to shake it up and redesign your space a little.

I’d love to hear about how you get out of a rut in the comments below!



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