Vegan Slab Fudge Review!

I’ve been eyeing up the Slab Fudge website for months, so when Rich asked me what I wanted for my birthday, my answer came immediately. My parcel from Slab Fudge didn’t come quite so quickly, but it was fast!

I ordered three blocks, maple and pecan, toffee choc, and tiger butter, and the entire order came to just under £13, which definitely isn’t cheap, but its not too bad, especially for a birthday present!

More important than price or shipping speed though, this fudge is the best fudge I have ever experienced, vegan or otherwise. Its truly delicious, it’s the perfect texture, and it absolutely melts in your mouth. Each block is also a good size, so you’re getting plenty of the good stuff for what you’re paying!

The tiger butter block was my favourite, because I love peanut butter, but all three were delicious, and I’d likely order the maple and pecan block again. I found the toffee choc block a little boring, but that’s just my taste and it was still delicious.

Brilliantly as well though, their packaging is all biodegrabale and compostable, all the good stuff to make sure we’re not damaging the planet any more than we need to.

If you’ve been looking for some vegan fudge , or considering ordering from Slab Fudge, I heavily recommend that you do!



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