So…we’re back in lock down.

We’ve all been expecting it to come, but it still sucks that it’s here. Having already been through one lock down, I think we all know what we need to do to keep ourselves going, and it’s definitely different for everyone.

For me, I’ll still be in work three days a week, so things won’t change all that much. I’m mostly hoping to follow through on some personal goals and projects now that I’ll have more time, and fewer distractions.

Rich and I have managed to buy a keyboard we’ve been wanting for ages, so I’ve already got one song I’m almost done recording, and many more written and ready to be recorded.

I’m also doing nanowrimo this year, and so far I’m on track, so I’m really determined to keep on it and finish November with 50,000 words of my first draft for a novel finished. I’m feeling super inspired and really enjoying writing something for myself again so far, so I’m hoping I manage to stay motivated through the month!

I’ve also started recording some YouTube videos, and so far I plan to record them all again because I kind of hate them, but it’s been fun! I’ve been able to figure out what makes me hate them, so I can learn from my mistakes and make more content I’m actually happy with, so I’m feeling excited to try more stuff out, make more mistakes, and carry on getting better!

I started the last lock down with plenty of plans and goals that I never fulfilled admittedly, but this time I’m actually excited for it all and it’s not just stuff I feel like I ‘should’ be doing, so I’m holding out a lot more hope!



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