What I’ve Been Doing in Lock Down

Like the rest of England, I’ve been trying my best to stay busy during lock down, and I think I might have done it a bit well in all honesty, because I’ve been very busy and even more stressed.

I’m still in work three days a week, and that’s been ramping up massively! We’re selling more tapes than ever, and we’re about to have a huge collection come in that I can’t wait to start digging through! We’ve of course not had as much going on in the studio, so it’s been a great chance to get the video shop in order too, which is always equal parts good fun and hard work.

Alongside that, purplerevolver.com has had its relaunch, so I’m writing 20 articles a month over there. I love writing for Purple Revolver, and I get amazing feedback on my writing from my boss, so it’s one of those things where I have to put a lot of time and energy into it, but I get even more back in return.

As if that wasn’t enough writing, I’m also doing Nanowrimo. I won’t lie, I’m pretty behind, but I’m catching up! Even if I don’t manage to finish in time, I’ve gotten more words down than I would have otherwise, and I’m totally in love with the idea I’m working on! I’m pretty far into it and feeling good about finally finishing a novel, even if it’s not with in the 30 days of nano.

I’m sure you can sense how stressed out I’ve been with all that, so I’ve finally managed to get back into yoga! I’ve always enjoyed yoga when I managed to actually make myself do it, but this time Rich has been doing it with me a few times a week, so I’ve been much more motivated. I’ve been really enjoying it, and the thing I’ve always liked about yoga is how soon I’m able to feel myself improving at it, so it’s been a massive boost for me both physically and mentally!

Add in the odd walk, lots of movies, and a bit too much take out, and you’ve got a full picture of what I’ve been getting up to in lock down!



2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing in Lock Down

  1. Hi Dana, that all sounds really good! I love the purple revolver site too. Wow you write a lot of articles! Have you checked out Upwork? I’m new on it but it’s interesting and I’d like to earn money via writing if I can as it can be done anywhere so great for travelling.
    I was thinking about you the other day and how you like things from the 90s etc and thought that one day I should write down all the interesting things I can remember about the 90s and 80s and 70s for people who weren’t around at the time. Maybe I’ll do for the blog and send you a link! All the best!

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    1. I haven’t, though I’ve heard the name floating around. I’ll definitely have to look into it!
      I’d love that! I’ve been watching YouTube videos that combine footage from the 80’s and 90’s with the people in it explaining what was going on, but I’m much more of a reader, so a blog post (or series 😉) would be right down my street!

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