An Etsy Christmas Wish List!

We’re all talking a lot about buying from small businesses and shopping local where we can, but if you’re used to just buying on the high street, it can be hard to know where to even start looking! I thought I’d help out a little by sharing the things I’d buy from Etsy if I were able to really treat myself for Christmas.

I have to start with these hand knitted Daleks from WoolyThoughts! I’ve always loved hand knitted plushies, probably because of the amount I had from family friends as a child, and I just think these are absolutely adorable. The design is just perfect, and best of all you can choose your own colours to be used!

Next up is one you’ve heard about from me before, and that’s Nerdsmith Pins! She just makes the most adorable pins that are such high quality, I’ve gotten the slightly cheaper ones before that are supposed to have faults, and I couldn’t spot them. I’m close to having every design they’ve released, and I’m just totally enamoured by how brilliant every single pin is.

Sure it’s fun getting cute Christmas presents, but I’m a huge fan of practical gifts too. Of course being an autistic nerd with plenty of media obsessions, kitchen utensils that double as merch is one of my favourite things in the world. This Hannibal Lecter chopping board from Woodnshapes has not left my brain since I saw it. I all the more love the irony that I’d be preparing vegan dishes with it too.

Keeping with the useful nerdy stuff, this travel coffee mug from Cutlightcreations is absolutely beautiful. Rich got me a travel mug last year, which I broke about five months ago, so I’ve definitely got my eye on this!

Less useful considering I have a pretty impressive mug collection overflowing my cupboard already, but who doesn’t love Troy and Abed?! If you haven’t watched Community yet, get on it and then you’ll want this mug too, and you’ll already know to get it from LibbysDesignStore!

One thing everyone gets at Christmas is the skin care sets, and this one from FloweryWhiff just looks so useful and cute. The scents sound perfect for this time of year, their reviews are insanely good, and it’s such cute packaging too! Plus, it’s vegan!

The other thing everyone receives every year, and is likely a little more excited for, is chocolate! I’ve been drooling over these vegan truffles from TrufflesNTreatz for weeks, they just look so damn good, and their flavour selection seems tailored to my personal tastes. Plus, I feel like you actually get a lot more for your money than just buying a box of chocs from Tesco.

Going back to things that are useful, I’m after some fingerless gloves. No, it’s not because I’m reverting to being 14 and edgy, it’s because between blogging, managing an eBay shop, and my other writing endeavours, my hands have been freezing since September! These ones from AmysModernCrafts are so pretty and beautifully made, plus they’re a total bargain! Since I definitely can’t treat myself to everything on this list, this might be the one I end up getting.

Finally, these scrunchies from Womenunite have been calling to me since I saw them. There are so many fun and beautiful patterns and colours to choose from, and they just look so much bigger than any scrunchies I own!

There you have a list of things I know I’d love to receive for Christmas, so I’m sure there must be other people out there that’d love them too!



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