What is Time? A Lil Life Update

It’s hard blogging during lockdown because really…what even is time? Hours and hours and days and weeks just lay all stretched out feeling like they don’t mean or contain anything. It’s a struggle to find motivation to do the dishes, never mind doing anything creative!

I realised very early in the month I needed to take a bit of a life break. I usually have a long wind down leading up to Christmas, then do nothing for like two weeks, and then the new year comes around. This last festive season snuck up and ran away from me so fast though, I had no time to settle my head and get ready for the new year, as little as anything has changed.

So I’ve had my few weeks, and it’s been great. I feel so much more rested up, and there’s motivation buzzing around somewhere. Enough that I’ve sorted my emails and am writing this at least.

One thing that taking a break from everything really showed me is that even if it’s work I enjoy, working too much is gonna drag on you. I love writing articles for Purplerevolver, but definitely pushed myself too hard. I love writing blog posts, and the thing that’s special about blogging for me, is you guys! I know I’ve said it a million times, but having the few of you guys that comment and like my posts really are bright spots in my life, and I’ve missed you!

The last few weeks have felt a bit like lazily preparing for battle, taking my time but knowing I’ll be ready when it comes around, and now I’m back to feeling somewhat like I have my shit together. At the very least, I’m trying, and that’s what really matters.

How’s this year going for you so far?



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