Kitten Ten Month Update!

It’s been a good while since I updated you all on the kittens! I won’t lie, it’s largely because they don’t do an awful lot of changing anymore. They’re still growing and learning and being down right adorable, but everything happens a bit slower after the four month mark.

They did see snow for the first time recently though! Obviously they’re indoor cats, so they didn’t get to run around in it, but they spent hours sat in the window watching it fall, and occasionally trying to catch it. I find it so cute that they still do so much together! We got Allie and Jodie as kittens too, and they grew to dislike each other more as they got older, but Otis and Ringo are still very much double trouble!

They’re still very different temperament and personality wise though! Otis proper loves a snuggle, he’ll climb into bed and fall asleep cuddling with us. Ringo prefers to sit off to the side and watch us sleep, which is only slightly unnerving. He loves cuddles on the couch though, and pushes himself between us in the silliest ways.

They don’t play quite as much as they did, but they’re still super playful and lots of fun! Otis is still obsessed with bobbles, you can lead him wherever you need him to be just by taking your hair down and showing him the bobble! Ringo is harder to play with, he likes going for your hand rather than the toy and he’s claws are so sharp now, I’ve already got plenty of scars from these sweet little monsters!

Mostly they’ve just settled in to be part of the family, and they’re wonderful to have around. Especially while I’m at home 99.9999% of the time, they just bring so much joy and playfulness into the house, there really couldn’t have been a better time for them to arrive!



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