Another Life Update!

It’s March 1st! Gonna keep this short and sweet to let you know a few things I’ve been up to so far this year, and what intentions I have for the coming month!

First up is a big one, for me, and that’s that I’m making YouTube videos again! I’ve made quite a lot of videos in quite a lot of genres over the years, but I’ve finally cottoned on to fashion content and fallen in love! I really enjoy filming now for the first time ever, and editing still isn’t my favourite thing, but it’s so satisfying to have a final product I can be happy with! If you fancy having a little nose at my videos, here’s a link to my channel!

I think anyone that enjoys fashion knows it’s easy to end up with waaaay too many clothes, so I’ve also been listing bits here and there on Depop. I’ve also got all my clothes from when I was a size 24 and downwards, so there’s some pretty unique vintage plus size pieces in there that I hope someone will love like I did! It’s taken some trial and error to figure out the best pictures and how to measure things properly, and I haven’t made a sale yet, but I’m feeling good about it all the same!

I’ve also been posting more on instagram, and massively enjoying Instagram reels! They feel a bit like back in the day when YouTube videos had to be under 10 minutes so you’d cut and edit and delete until it fitted, and usually end up with a better video, only they’re 30 seconds long and don’t look like they’ve been filmed on a potato.

I also have my birthday this month, turning 24! It’ll be another lockdown birthday so not the most exciting, but it’ll be good to celebrate, and look back on a year where I’ve had so many ups and downs.

I’d love to hear about any changes or updates in your life in the comments below!



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