Lexxi Raine Joker Review!

I’ve reviewed Lexxi’s music in a few other places before, so it’s no secret I’m already a huge fan, but for her most recent song it’s definitely time she gets a review here!

Lexxi has just released Joker, a brand new song, along with a lyric video, and the music video is set for release on the 13th, which feels like a much longer wait now we’ve heard how great the song is!

With verses that draw you in and a chorus that you immediately want to know the words to so you can sing along (making the lyric video an absolute saviour!), it may just be the best thing Lexxi has released yet.

Although her vocals have never been anything less than beautiful, each release lets us hear her voice get stronger with more control, making the harmonies in Joker all the more impactful and impressive.

It’s especially impressive that Lexxi has written, recorded and produced this herself, because it really may be the most professional and well formed song she’s released to date. None of her songs have ever sounded even close to bad, but the quality of this track certainly feels like a new step forward for her as a musician and is a real treat for fans like myself.

Having done so much of the song herself, Joker feels like Lexxi’s music becoming even more honest, as though she’s really giving listeners a part of herself that we may not have seen prior, and it’s fantastic.

If you haven’t already, check out the Joker lyric video here, and you’ll probably want to follow her on Instagram too, to keep up with her latest releases!



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