Things I’m Grateful For!

I woke up at 5 this morning with a nosebleed, which isn’t exactly how anyone wants to wake up. The morning has redeemed its self a little now that my nose has settled down, there’s a gorgeous lilac sky outside, and all the cats are aware there’s been a change in routine so they’re paying extra attention to me. When better to talk about the things I’m grateful for!

Giving that I’ve just spoken about them, I have to start with the cats. Each of them has their own perfect little personality and I’m so grateful to have such amazing cats that are so sweet and pay so much attention to me. I’m also super grateful I’ve been able to find Bobble a good home with my uncle! For those who don’t know, she was having quite the time with the kittens and it got to a point where to keep her safe, either her or both kittens needed a new home. My uncle happened to be thinking of getting a new cat, and judging by the pictures and videos he’s sent me, she’s more than happy to be in a household that gives her real meat!

Given that it’s Mother’s Day, and my mum is brilliant, I have to say I’m beyond grateful to have the mum I have. She’s so warm and loving and has always always puts effort into being the best mum possible, which has made her pretty damn near being the best. I haven’t always recognised how brilliant she is, especially as a teenager, so I put extra effort into recognising it and making sure to show her I appreciate her, now that I’m an adult!

As always, I’m very grateful to have Rich as my partner. I don’t know how I’d have gotten through this last year (or the 6 before that) without him. I’ve never met anyone else that makes me feel so safe, makes me laugh so hard, or makes me feel so capable and self confident. I’ve also been mind blown lately by how open he is to listen and learn, especially compared to when we first met. He wouldn’t even contemplate going vegetarian like I was when we met, and now he’s vegan and open to just about any discussion about anything! I’ve obviously always liked and loved him, but I’m so grateful to have been able to grow together!

Okay, I know this one sounds a bit weird, but I’m so grateful to have the internet. I’m massively enjoying making YouTube videos at the minute, I feel really satisfied with the content I’m posting on Instagram, and I’ve been having some interactions with some of just the loveliest people that I’d NEVER meet without the internet having connected us. For all the negatives that come with it, I’m grateful to have it about right now.

Finally, I’m incredibly beyond grateful to have finally gained access to free therapy that’s good. I’ve had a lot of experiences with therapy and counselling, and they haven’t been good in the slightest, until now. It is only a limited number of sessions, but it’s with a therapist that I actually trust and like, rather than with someone that leaves me wondering if they snuck into the building and pretended to be a therapist. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot about myself through it, in ways that are massively helpful going forward, and after around a decade of wishing I could get ‘proper therapy’, I’m glad I’ve finally gotten there!

I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for in the comments!



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