How I Find AFFORDABLE Vintage Clothing!

Sustainable fashion is gaining traction and becoming more known about, which is brilliant, but with it comes the issue of many people finding eco friendly and vintage fashion to be too expensive. I totally agree on the eco friendly front, though I have managed to find a pair of great eco friendly jeans that were pretty cheap, but when it comes to vintage items, there’s a few ways to go about it without breaking the bank!

Charity Shops

When it comes to sustainable fashion charity shops are most people’s first stop for the obvious reasons of it being cheap and sustainable, but when specifically looking for vintage pieces it really is a labour of love to look for the true vintage pieces. It can be a lot of shopping without buying anything, or buying vintage inspired pieces from fast fashion brands without funding the industry, but some of my favourite vintage pieces have been found in charity shops!

Vintage Stores

I know you’re thinking ‘but they’re expensive!’, which is why I go straight to the back to look for bargains and deals. It might be a stroke of luck for me, but I’ve found that most of the places in Liverpool selling vintage clothes will have a rack towards the back when you can get some deals like 3 items for £10 or £20, and most of my really good quality, cool vintage items have come from them! You’re essentially saving money by spending your time, because you absolutely have to dig through some crap to find the good stuff, but when you’re low on funds it’s more than worth it.

Facebook Market Place

I feel like this is the main one people don’t think of, but there’s some absolute gems, and most people are prepared to post it to you. There’s always the chance of getting lucky and picking up something from near by though, I managed to get two 70’s coats that are absolutely gorgeous, for free from someone just a few miles away! It’s very hit and miss, but the hits really strike the mark.


Personally, I’m yet to buy any vintage clothing online, but I have my eye on a fair few things from Depop, Vinted and Etsy! For me it’s the worry of it not fitting when I can’t try it on and likely won’t be able to return it, but most sellers do provide measurements of the item. There’s also the downside of the added postage cost, but on the other hand you can find specific items you’re looking for much easier, so it’s about weighing up the pros and cons for yourself!

Where’s your favourite place to buy vintage clothing?



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