What I’ve Been Getting Up To!

How’s everyone doing? It feels like it’s been forever since I stopped by for a lil post, and it’s nice to be back! I’ve been blogging for so long now, it’s really quite comforting knowing that it’s always here for me to come back to.

Let’s start with one of the main things I’ve been getting up to, and that’s been going outside! Restrictions have lifted a lot recently, and I’m still being super cautious and careful, and staying close to home, but it’s been great to be able to go out for meals and coffees and milkshakes again! We all know by now I’m a total homebody, but being at home basically none stop for over a year might have given me a push to be a little more social and outsidey.

I’ve also been neglecting this little corner of the internet in favour of trying to cultivate some others. I’ve been so fashion focused for so long, but really struggle with creative ideas for fashion related blog posts, especially considering it’s all vintage or second hand so I can’t even tell you where to buy it! Instagram however, is the perfect place for that kind of thing! I’ve found such a passion for styling outfits and trying to take creative pictures, and though I’d never want to exclusively be an insta-blogger, I’ve been having so much fun!

I was especially enjoying creating fashion based insta reels, which of course pushed me to once again give youtube a go, and it’s been going shockingly well for me. Unfortunately though, I think I only have the mental capacity to consistently blog or make videos, hence why I’ve been so quiet here!

Creating more video content has also given me a new found confidence, it’s weird I know, I can’t tell you what it was but something clicked for me, and I finally had the confidence to create a video about autism, which has now turned into a fair few and an important part of my channel to me! Here’s a link to my YouTube for anyone that wants to check it out, I’m really massively enjoying it and I’d love you to join me there!

I’ve of course also watched plenty of TV shows and films, which I intend to write about soon, done some painting, a little writing on a personal project, and generally figured myself out a bit! I think for the time being I’ll probably continue to be more active on insta and YouTube, but I love this little blog and it’s been with me such a long time now, I’ll always be back eventually!



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