Some Summer Plans!

With the weather finally taking a warm turn, and today being ‘freedom day’, it seems like the perfect time to create a little bucket list of things I want to do this summer! I’ll be doing it while wearing a mask if I’m around strangers and sanitising my hands every ten minutes, but I’ll be doing it!

Keeping in mind that I’m still not looking to be around too many people, I really want to go for a picnic in the woods with Rich! I need to really get my thinking cap on and find some good recipes for vegan picnic food, since the last real picnic I went on mostly involved cocktail sausages and chicken legs, but i really want to make it happen!

A little more tricky to make happen, is I really want to go swimming in the sea, or any natural water really. All the beaches near us have been rammed during the nice weather, so I need to find a secret spot or the right time to go, but I just keep thinking ‘man, I’d kill to go for a swim right now’, so I need to get in some water already!

I also want to do yoga outside, which is difficult exclusively because of my anxiety. I’m lucky to live in an area surrounded by parks and small wooded areas, but I can’t think of many things I’d feel more awkward doing that rolling out my mat and moving into child’s pose while in public. I’m not sure what I think’ll happen, but the idea horrified me, so that’s something to work on!

I’ve saved the easiest to complete for last, I want to just get outside more! I’ve already been doing this, be it going for walks or just sitting out in my yard to read a book, but I just desperately need more fresh air, especially since my house is super well insulated! There’s just few things better than (safely) feeling the sun on your (heavily sun creamed) face, and I think we all need that after the last year and a half!

I’d love to hear about your summer plans in the comments, whether they’re already completed or just something you’re mulling over!



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