Luna Menstrual Cup Review!

I’ve been struggling to find a period product that I’m happy with for a while now, tampons make my cramps worse, pads are just uncomfortable for me, and free bleeding is one of those things that’s most definitely not for me. Then I finally found the Luna cup from SuperDrug. I paid £14.99, which I already thought was a good price, and it’s currently on sale for under £7.50, so now is definitely the time to buy if you’ve been considering it! I used the advice online to figure out which size I’d be best buying.

If you prefer to watch reviews over reading them, I went pretty in depth over on my YouTube, but otherwise, let’s get into it!

I’m not the biggest fan of the packaging and general colour scheme, I really wish more period products would go for neutral colours rather than straight for pink and purple to be ‘girly’. The important part is what it all does though! Inside the box is a leaflet with general advice and usage instructions, a small carry bag, and of course, the cup!

I really like that it comes with the bag, making it easy to take about with you if you’re not sure when your period is going to happen. I’m less impressed by the instruction leaflet included, parts of which are worded in a way I found quite difficult to decipher. It gets across the important parts, but some things I had to read a few times before I realised what it was trying to say.

The most important part, the cup, is close to perfect in all honesty. Now that I’m more used to and comfortable using the cup, I’m finding it increasingly easy to put in, and I’m much less concerned about leaking. It’s a really good size for my body, and it’s taken away a lot of the stress I usually feel on my period.

I don’t like the stem an awful lot though. The small flower shaped grip just doesn’t really offer enough grip, and especially if you’re struggling to remove the cup, the stem stretches out and becomes incredibly difficult to keep a hold on. The grip rings further up at the base of the cup have saved me from panic a few times, but I’d have preferred perhaps lines or dots to give more friction to the stem, or a more 3-D stem like other brands often have.

Overall, I’m really glad to have finally made the switch to a menstrual cup. I was concerned that having the blood be so visible and obvious might be difficult for me, but after a few removals, I got really used to it, and I’m not at all bothered now. If anything, I’m more comfortable seeing it in this way, than one the single use period products I was previously using.

Considering how much more comfortable I feel using my cup, how much more sustainable it is as a reusable product, and how much money I’ll be saving over the months, I wish I’d gotten it waaaaaay sooner. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, purely because everyone is so different, but I will happily tell you I love it!

If you’ve been considering making the switch to reusable period products, my advice would be to do it! Put in a little research time to find a cup that’ll work for you, keep in mind that there is a slight learning curve to it, and I hope you end up as comfortable as I am!



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