About Me!

I’m Dana and this is my blog! I’m 23, I live in Liverpool with my amazing boyfriend Richard, and our five cats.

I blog about just about anything that pops into my head from lifestyle and recipes to music and I even throw some creative writing, art and poetry in there too occasionally. I love creative writing and thats mainly what made me want to start a blog though I also adore photography and like having a way to actually use the pictures I take.

I also blog about mental health since its something I feel passionate about removing the stigma from, though I try to blog about it in the most positive way possible. If you follow my blog you will see a lot of my cats, slightly dodgy pictures of me since I never know how to pose, and probably an awful lot of my boyfriend too since he’s such a huge part of my life.

I also share plenty about veganism, since going vegan in 2017, I love sharing my recipes, and all the tips I’ve amassed to make sure I’m eating the best vegan food possible!

Thats enough about me for now I think. Have a look around my blog and if you like it, please don’t forget to comment and share my posts! If you want to contact me for any reason just send me an email to dana-andersen@live.co.uk and I’ll be sure to get back to you.



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