Why My Blog Died

Long time no see! How have you been? I’m popping back today to talk about why this blog, which I’ve had since I was 18, has been slowly dying, and I’ve unfortunately just been letting it. We may as well start with why I’ve not been posting, and there’s a few reasons. The big one … More Why My Blog Died

Autumn Goals!

Somehow over the last year, I’ve managed to put my life together! Its brilliant, and I’m mad proud of myself, but having more to do and more responsibilities also means I have to be a lot more organised, and that’s where this blog post comes in. I have quite a lot I want to do … More Autumn Goals!

A Camping Trip

As a kid, nearly all our family holidays involved going camping somewhere and i loved it. I’d always make new friends on the camp site, we’d spend time as a family playing card games or scrabble and during the day we’d get in the car ad go on what i considered adventures. We haven’t been … More A Camping Trip