Spontaneity is something I’m not very good at, I like to have plans and time to prepare rather than diving out into the world on a whim. I’m the kind of person who keeps a strict shopping list and is always at least five minutes early for anything so, being completely honest here, spontaneity scares … More Spontaneity 

Hello June

June is here! Its getting hotter and the blue skies seem to be here to stay for a while, touch wood. With the start of a new month i’ve decided to set a few goals for the coming month. They’re not going to be too rigid so that i don’t feel like a complete failure … More Hello June

On Songwriting

I write a lot of songs. I have piles of finished notebooks with songs in and I think altogether I have probably written 400 songs since I was twelve when I started writing. Are they good? No, most of them are rubbish, a twelve year old wrote them. I would like to think some of … More On Songwriting

2016 Resolutions!

I’m really looking forward to 2016, 2015 hasn’t been the best year for me or my boyfriend and i’m so excited as i look to this sort of made up fresh start thats right about to arrive. I know these posts are going to be EVERYWHERE but i wanted to post it anyway to make … More 2016 Resolutions!