A Day With My Anxiety

I’ve been handling my mental health being all over the place for over a decade now, and my anxiety is always the thing seen as ‘least important’, both by those around me and professionals. It sucks, and it’s stupid because between being autistic, having depression, and having anxiety, it’s by far my anxiety that affects … More A Day With My Anxiety

The Little Things

I may not be doing my usual things I’m grateful for anymore, you can read about why here, but I am still appreciative and thankful for numerous things in my life. I thought rather than doing that whole usual post, a nice thing to do in the interim would be a short list of the … More The Little Things

I’m Not Grateful.

You may have noticed I didn’t post a ‘things I’m grateful for’ post last month, like I have been doing regularly, and I wanted to address why i haven’t done that. There’s a few different reasons, and I think it’s important to talk about! The first, and I think most important thing, is that I’m … More I’m Not Grateful.