Ensuring The Health of Your Cat Throughout Its Life

Pets are so much more than ‘just animals’, they really are part of the family so ensuring their health and wellbeing throughout their life is of the utmost importance. When your pet relies on you for everything it needs, from nutrition to safety to medication it can be a lot to think about and consider. … More Ensuring The Health of Your Cat Throughout Its Life

My Home….

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking and thinking about my new home despite the fact that we  won’t be moving for a few months at least. Because of this, i decided its about time i started to appreciate the home i have right now, and all the things in it, since I’m really … More My Home….

Buddy Box (June)

I got my buddy box this morning, which is a bit later than usual but i really appreciate that since i woke up to new i was hoping i wouldn’t hear. The Blurt Foundation is something i’ve spoken about before because i think its doing a great job at de-stigmatising mental health, specifically depression. I … More Buddy Box (June)