I’m Autistic!

Last summer, after many years of suspecting, and several years on a waiting list, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It’s taken me a while to talk about on here, and there are still people in my daily life that I haven’t told, because of the stigma that often pops up around the word … More I’m Autistic!

Thrift Haul!

We all know I’m a huge charity shop shopper. Getting unique items for low prices, or even branded items at less than a quarter their original price, is just what I like. My wallet likes it a lot more than when I used to shop at New Look and Forever 21 too. Having recently managed … More Thrift Haul!

Avoiding Burn Out

I’ve never been great at continuously doing stuff. In school, if I’d had a really good day and focused well, the next day would be one filled with day dreaming and getting told off. Once I got into college I thought I had to put 100% in all the time, and of course I eventually … More Avoiding Burn Out