2020 Goals!

Last year I decided to try doing monthly goals rather than goals for the years and it definitely had its pros and cons. For me, the cons far outweighed any positives I gained from it so this year I’ve set my goals for the year again and thought I’d share them! First up, I want … More 2020 Goals!

The Election

I’m sure most of you reading this woke up this morning to see a conservative majority and felt your heart drop like I did. I was planing on doing a post today, but it doesn’t feel right to just talk about clothes and make up when we now know we’re going to spend the next … More The Election

Recently Thrifted!

Having lost a fair bit of weight, I’ve been having to buy new clothes. I’ve always shopped second hand a lot for both how cheap it tends to be and because I enjoy finding unique pieces that not everyone has, an as I’ve learnt more about fast fashion I just don’t see the point in … More Recently Thrifted!

Winter Walks!

I’m not always the bigger fan of cold weather, especially if it’s raining and I have to go somewhere, but on the odd morning it’s dry and crisp, I like to get out of the house and go for a walk. Taking pictures of little bits and pieces I come across is always fun and … More Winter Walks!