One Year Vegan!

Today, July first, marks exactly one year of me being vegan! I wasn’t sure I’d get this far, but I have and I’m really proud of myself I must say. I thought doing a post about how my experience has been after going vegan overnight and managing to stick with it for a year! It’s … More One Year Vegan!

Foo Fighters!

Anyone who knows me is more than aware that the foo’s are my absolute, all time favourite band. I have a tattoo of their lyrics, I’m usually found in a foo’s t-shirt, I just absolutely adore them in every way imaginable. And I recently got to see them live for a second time! I don’t … More Foo Fighters!

Am I Psychic?

Growing up my mum was always having dreams and then telling us things would happen on a specific date or that someone we knew was pregnant, and I can’t think of a single time she was wrong. Deja vu happens all the time for her and there were so many times she would say ‘this … More Am I Psychic?