An Instagram Update!

Another week, another update! We all know I’m prone to rambling so lets not let that happen and just get into it. It's definitely coming along 😂 it's only taken me weeks like 👽 #cat #blackcat #stars #constellation #homedecor #painting #decorating #bedroom #happy A post shared by Carry On Beautiful (@dana_._andersen) on Jun 7, 2017 … More An Instagram Update!

Falafel Inspired Salad With Cucumber Dressing!

Now that I’ve started eating vegan, I’ve become much more creative with my food and what I’m eating, as well as significantly healthier, and that means I’ve created things like this delicious falafel inspired salad. I say falafel inspired because it was my first attempt at make vegan falafel and they fell apart in the … More Falafel Inspired Salad With Cucumber Dressing!