Autumn Goals!

Somehow over the last year, I’ve managed to put my life together! Its brilliant, and I’m mad proud of myself, but having more to do and more responsibilities also means I have to be a lot more organised, and that’s where this blog post comes in. I have quite a lot I want to do … More Autumn Goals!

New Home Plans

We haven’t quite found our new home yet but I already have many, many ideas as to what kind of things and spaces I want to have in our new home, which I’m going to share with you today! First up, I really want a dining table. Its been months since we got rid of … More New Home Plans

Hello June

June is here! Its getting hotter and the blue skies seem to be here to stay for a while, touch wood. With the start of a new month i’ve decided to set a few goals for the coming month. They’re not going to be too rigid so that i don’t feel like a complete failure … More Hello June

On Songwriting

I write a lot of songs. I have piles of finished notebooks with songs in and I think altogether I have probably written 400 songs since I was twelve when I started writing. Are they good? No, most of them are rubbish, a twelve year old wrote them. I would like to think some of … More On Songwriting

My Dream Job

The thing with this post is that i honestly don’t have a clue what my dream job is. I love writing, I’ve actually written a novel that I’m trying to edit and i would love to be a professional writer. I love music, i’ve written dozens of songs and theres little i love more than … More My Dream Job