Buddy Box (June)

I got my buddy box this morning, which is a bit later than usual but i really appreciate that since i woke up to new i was hoping i wouldn’t hear. The Blurt Foundation is something i’ve spoken about before because i think its doing a great job at de-stigmatising mental health, specifically depression. I … More Buddy Box (June)

My Proudest Moment

The thing with todays blog post is that i don’t have a proudest moment. There are a lot of things i’m proud of, I’m proud of my blog, i was really very proud of myself when i finished writing my first novel, when i moved into my own place and managed to actually keep it clean and … More My Proudest Moment

2016 Resolutions!

I’m really looking forward to 2016, 2015 hasn’t been the best year for me or my boyfriend and i’m so excited as i look to this sort of made up fresh start thats right about to arrive. I know these posts are going to be EVERYWHERE but i wanted to post it anyway to make … More 2016 Resolutions!