What I’ve Been Doing in Lock Down

Like the rest of England, I’ve been trying my best to stay busy during lock down, and I think I might have done it a bit well in all honesty, because I’ve been very busy and even more stressed. I’m still in work three days a week, and that’s been ramping up massively! We’re selling … More What I’ve Been Doing in Lock Down


An Instagram Update

So you might be thinking ‘Dana, you told us these were going to go up every Thursday and its Saturday, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?’ and the answer to that is I made plans. Thursdays are the day I spend with my mum and now most Fridays will be spent visiting my nan, meaning its way … More An Instagram Update

An Instagram Update

Another week, another update! No big long introduction this time, we’re just going to jump straight in!   View this post on Instagram Dat feel when you end up feeding your cat with a spoon because it's easier than watching her struggle ­čś┐­čśŞ #cat #blackcat #cute #adorable #baby #funny #truelove #sad #conehead #poorbaby A post … More An Instagram Update

An Instagram Update!

This very nearly wasn’t going to get written. Its Saturday, I’m cold and feeling bleh in every way possible. I’m not really in the mood to start writing a blog post about my week but I’ve committed to this and I know I’d be┬áso┬ádisappointed in myself if I didn’t do this, so here we go! … More An Instagram Update!