Linda McCartney Retrospective at the Walker Gallery Liverpool

I’ve been a massive Beatles fan since I was about 13, and Linda was always my favourite of the wives. It almost annoys me that she’s one of the ‘Beatle Wives’, because she was so much more than that and deserves to be known for her own right, but that goes for most women married … More Linda McCartney Retrospective at the Walker Gallery Liverpool


An Instagram Update

We’ve managed to reach the third week of uploading an instagram update on the proper day! This is honestly an achievement, I’m proud of it and nothing anyone says can remove that pride, so lets just jump into it. View this post on Instagram Just to prove I'm not the professional kind of blogger that … More An Instagram Update

An Instagram Update!

Okay, so i know i was supposed to be uploading every four days this month so i technically should have posted this yesterday. In my defence, not too long ago i posted two posts on one day rather than spacing them out so its okay, theres still going to be the right number of posts … More An Instagram Update!