Let Off Some Steam After Work

I dunno about you, but I struggle to relax after a long day of work. I get in and then tend to dwell over the horrors of the day. But unless you let off some steam before bed, you are going to end up having a restless night. And then you will wake up still … More Let Off Some Steam After Work


Simple Sundays

I’ve uploaded at least one post every day so far this year which, though its been very enjoyable and really made me feel like I’m accomplishing something, means I haven’t had a day off from blogging. I mean, sure I could have just scheduled a bunch of posts but I really do like sitting down … More Simple Sundays

If your mental health is sometimes a bit more down that it is up, then it is especially important to take good care of yourself. I make a fair amount of posts about my mental health both on here and on Instagram so regular readers should know a little bit about that part of me … More