An Instagram Update!

I’ve been busy with Blogmas and getting ready for Christmas this week so I haven’t been super active on Instagram, but that’s never stopped me before so I’m still going to share with you the few pictures I have taken! Putting Christmas decorations with my mum will never get old. #christmas #selfie #festive #happy #family … More An Instagram Update!

A Grateful List!

Now that we’re rapidly approaching Christmas and the end of the year, I’ve taken a bit of time out to think over the last year and all the things I’ve been grateful for and thought I’d share some of them because I think it’s really important to notice the things around you sometimes. I so … More A Grateful List!

The Christmas Tag!

Kiah’s post for day 5 of Blogmas was ‘The Christmas Tag’ and she was lovely enough to tag me in it! I’m not sure I’ve ever been tagged to do one of these before so I’m excited to get on with it! 1 What is your favourite Christmas film? Nativity! I know its one of … More The Christmas Tag!